Video tour of vacation cottage in Alytus county

Villa "Dzukijos uoga" -  360° video tour of a cozy vacation cottage in Alytus county near Druskininkai, Lithuania, in the Dzukija National Park

By clicking the arrows, you will be able to look around the yard of the holiday cottage and take a virtual walk inside the cosy lodging. Pressing “I” or “II” on the right will take you to the first or second floor of the house, respectively.

We value your privacy, so we only accept one group of friends or family for the entire villa property. “Dzūkijos uoga” can host groups from 8 to 18 vacationers. Here you will find the location of the vacation cottage in Alytus county,  contacts and prices  >>

Holiday cottage for rent in Alytus county, Lithuania

Alytus county vacation cottage for rent near Druskininkai - Dzukijos uogaA cosy holiday cottage for rent in Alytus county, near Druskininkai, Lithuania. Waterfront view and pine forest surroundings.Contact us for the vacation lodge rental:   +37069963565

The yard of the cottage is surrounded by pine forest. There is a swimming pond and a flowing stream on the property.A gazebo, a children’s playground, a terrace, a pizza oven, a barbecue, a fireplace, and a wood-burning sauna will await vacationers.Holidaymakers will be charmed by the peace and privacy of the small pinewoods village of Dzūkija National Park near Druskininkai in Alytus county. Our self-catering accommodation in Lithuania is the best choice for large families with children.

Villa “Dzukijos uoga” has 7 bedrooms, 2 living rooms with a fireplace, a modern kitchen with all equipment, 4 toilets and many relaxation areas. The holiday lodge comes with free Wi-Fi, a smart TV, audio center, kitchenware and appliances including a dishwasher. We provide bed linen and towels. Here you will find exceptional cleanliness and comfort.Welcome to a cozy holiday lettings in Lithuania!


We can accommodate groups from 8 to 18 people.

    Travel tips: what to do in Alytus county

    Lithuania travel video – recreation and family attractions in “Dzukijos uoga” holiday lodge.Cottage for rent in Alytus county, near Druskininkai, Lithuania:   +37069963565 (WhatsApp, Viber)

    “Dzūkijos uoga” cottage vacationers have a unique opportunity to combine all the main attractions and things to do in Alytus county. The exclusive location of the holiday lodge reveals quick access to outdoor activities in the Dzūkija National Park and leisure in the Druskininkai. The well-known Lithuanian spa resort is just 18 km from the villa in forest surroundings.

    The hosts of this Lithuania vacation rental organize a tailor made activities in Alytus County – in the Dzukija National Park and the vicinity of Druskininkai.Most of the individual attractions are suitable for families with small children.

    Kayaking experience in Alytus county

    Kayaking with kids in Alytus county - "Dzukijos uoga"

    Photo: kayaking tours with kids organized by “Dzukijos uoga”. Contact the vacation cottage for details:   +37069963565

    Alytus county is popular for kayaking with kids. Dzūkija National Park is the best place for canoeing or family rafting.If you are a pro, look for the Ula or Gruda rivers.However, these rivers can be a bit challenging for beginners. In any case, if you are a family with small children, the calm flow of  Merkys is the best fit for you.

    Holiday cottage “Dzūkijos uoga” organizes individually guided kayaking and rafting tours for it’s vacationers with kids. We can offer kayaking itineraries from 2 to 5 hours including swimming and picnic. Learn more about kayaking in Druskininkai Lithuania here>>

    Wild mushroom foraging and berry picking

    Mushroom hunting in Alytus county - Dzukijos uoga

    Want to get in? Cotact “Dzūkijos uoga” vacation cottage in Alytus county!

    Alytus county belongs to the Dzūkija region, which is well known in Lithuania for its mushrooms and berries.They grow right next to our holiday cottage.Mushroom and berry picking can be a great educational activity for your children. Anyway, you should know wild berries or mushrooms very well to go for them.

    The hosts of “Dzūkija uoga” organize guided mushroom foraging tours for their guests.This active recreation can last from 1 up to 3 hours. After the hunt, together with all the participants, we cook mushroom soup on the campfire from the collected goodies. 

    We also organize various fire cooking classes.Do you know how to cook a delicious pilaf on a wood-burning , by the way? Find out more info about cooking over fire and a special place where to eat in Druskininkai area.

    Recreation in a wood- fired banya

    Wood fired sauna in Alytus county by Druskininkai, Lithuania - Dzukijos uoga

    Ready for lambasting and massages in a wood-heated banya? Contact vacation villa “Dzukijos uoga” in Alytus county :   +37069963565

    A wood-fired banya is a must thing to do in Southern Lithuania. It is very different from the standard sauna that is so common in the western world.

    In the Lithuanian banya, we heat the stones with fire, which heat the sauna. Later, we pour water on the hot stones, thus filling the room with steam. After we warm up the body, we enjoy the aromatherapy of plants and start  lambasting. Lambasting is a kind of massage with brooms made from different herbs.Usually, this special leisure time lasts from 2 to 3 hours. More information about things to do in Druskininkai Lithuania here >>

    Hikes in the south of Lithuania

    Hiking in Southern Lithuania - "Dzukijos uoga"

    Hiking in Alytus county, Lithuania. Day tours for families with kids in Dzūkija National Park near Druskininkai.

    Hiking in the countryside of Southern Lithuania is the best way to get to know the local culture and traditions. There are many good places for hiking and cycling in Alytus county. Dzūkija National Park is one of them. The national park is full of charming wooden villages hidden among pine forests with sandy rivers and lakes.

    The owners of the vacation cottage organize hikes in the surroundings of Druskininkai for their guests.There are marked 11 hiking trails in Dzūkija National Park. A special footpath in the marsh is also available. Depending on your physical condition, you can choose to travel from 2-3 kilometers up to 20 kilometers per day. 

    Bicycle tours in Southern Lithuania

    Cycling tours in Alytus county, Lithuania - "Dzukijos uoga"Ask us about cycling tours in Dzukija national Park, Alytus county   +37069963565

    For guests of the holiday cottage, we offer bicycle tours around the countryside of Alytus county. 15 different bike paths stretch through the picturesque areas of the Dzūkija National Park and the Druskininkai resort. You can choose from a simple bike ride on the paved trails of Druskininkai to 25-50 km in the pine forests of the national park.

    On a cycling tour, you will explore the ancient way of life of tiny villages. You will swim in forest lakes and taste Lithuanian cuisine. You will get involved in various local entertainment and admire the natural beauty of Lithuania.

    Learn more about places to visit in Southern Lithuania >>.


    We accept groups from 8 to 18 pers.

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