Lithuania countryside rentals for holiday hiking and cycling - 360° tour

Hiking in Lithuania or cycling tours in Lithuanian countryside is the best way to explore local culture and traditions. There are a lot of good places for hiking  and cycling in Lithuania. Dzukija National Park in South Lithuania is one of them.The countryside of this Lithuanian national park is full of tiny wooden villages which still lives in the past centuries.The landscape is also perfect for hiking and cycling tours – pine tree forests with sandy rivers and lakes.Vacation villa “Dzukijos uoga” for it’s guests organizes hiking in Lithuania countryside, cycling tours,  kayaking in Lithuania and a whole variety of all other outdoor attractions.

Hiking in South Lithuania

We organize hiking in Lithuanian South for  individuals or groups up to 15 people. There are 11 hiking paths in Dzukija National Park where the hiking can be organized. Special hiking trail in swamp is also possible. Depending on you physical shape you can choose from 2-3 kilometres up to 20 kilometres of hiking per day. During the hiking in Lithuania you will see:

The lifestyle of ancient Lithuanian villages.Hiking in Lithuania is a perfect way to know local culture and traditions. You will see wooden houses with clay ovens for food, old style beekeeping in hollow trees, you will taste Lithuanian dishes and  even try banya on wood with lambasting – a traditional Lithuanian SPA from centuries ago.

Hiking in Lithuania will reveal the beauty of rural nature. Dzukija National Park is famous for  a big variety of flora and fauna. Cepkeliai reserve is worth to visit swamp full of  rare species of plants and animals.  On your Lithuanian hiking trail you will follow picturesque river banks and shores of lakes, you will bath in remote areas and explore untouched Lithuanian nature sights.

You will dive in to the rural countryside lifestyle spending a wonderful night in a stylish  holiday villa at a small ethnographic village  during your hiking tour in Lithuania. Clay oven dishes, evening by fire with singing of birds  and smell of hay will be a pleasant surprise after the intensive hiking day.There are much more Lithuania attractions what can be arranged by our countryside vacation villa.

Hiking in South Lithuania by holiday home "Dzukijos uoga"

Cycling tours in South Lithuania

Our holiday villa arranges cycling tours in Lithuania countryside for groups up to 15 people.There are 15 different length cycling paths going through picturesque  places of Dzukija National Park and Druskininkai resort. You can chose from simple cycling tour on paved trails of Druskininkai  up to 25-50 km options in the pine woods of Lithuanian national park.

On South Lithuania cycling tour you will explore ancient villages and meet locals. You will bath in forest lakes and taste Lithuanian cuisine. You will be involved into different local attractions and admire the beauty of the nature.

Besides the cycling tours and hiking in Lithuania we are ready to propose you much more of things to do in South Lithuania. Countryside holiday villa “Dzukijos uoga” awaits for you!Go for your hiking holidays to Lithuania!




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