Mushroom hunting in Lithuania

Mushrom hunting festival in Varena Lithuania

Mushrom festival in Lithuania at Varėna - "Dzukijos uoga"

Mushroom hunting festival in Varėna is a well konown fest in Lithuania. Varėna itself is a small silent town in the South unofficially titled as a capital of mushroom hunters. The whole Varena region (Dzukija land) is famous for wild mushrooms. Some sorts of Lithuanian mushrooms are even exported to European countries.
The famous mushroms festival in Varėna usually takes place in the end of September – at the very peak of Lithuanian mushrooms season. Mushrom festival attracts people from all over the world. Here you can explore Lithuanian cuisine dishes, participate at mushrooms hunt, listen to local folk music , walk arround colourfull market and handcrafts bazaar.The whole day attraction is guaranteed! It is one of the best things to do in Lithuania.

Varena mushroom festival 2018

Agenda of Varena Mushroom festival 2018. 09.29

-07.00- 10.00 Mushroom hunting championship ( starts in Marcinkonys village near Varėna)

-09.55 – Solemn welcome of mushroom hunters train  from Vilnius at Varena railway station

-10.15 – Theatricalized mushroom festival walk starts form Varena railway station

-11.00-17.00 –  Lithaunian handcraft bazaar, folk music bands, Lithuanian cuisine dishes , diffenent competitions and attractions all over Varena town. Mushrom hunting champions awards ceremony  at 14.00

-17.00- 22.00 – Concerts of different bands

-22.00 – Fireworks

Mushroom festival walk sheme in Varena

Mushroom fastival sheme in Varena Lithuania - Dzukijos uoga

Varena mushroom festival impressions from past

Photo: Mushrom hunters from Ireland visiting Lithuania

Previous Mushrom festival in Varėna attracted a great crowd of foreign tourists including several film making companies. We also had a group of Irish mushroom experts  who participated the festival and enjoyed great outdoors attractions arround villa “Dzukijos uoga” at Dzukija National Park .

Foto: Mushroom hunting in Lithuania and mushroom festival - Dzukijos uoga

A great variety of different mushroom species were collected and characterized at the presentation  made by “Mushroomstuff” – Irish mushroom hunters community specialists. Some of the catch was used for mushroom soup on fire leaded by Irish party atmospher. After the fest Irish mushroom hunters went for additional mushroom hunting in the immense forests of Dzukija Land

Photo: Mushroom picking festival in Varėna Lithuania - Dzukijos uoga

Villa “Dzukijos uoga” – your Lithuanian nature accommodation at mushroom hunting festival in Varėna!




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