Dzukija National Park

Dzukija National Park in Lithuania

Dzūkija National Park is one of the major national parks in Lithuania. It’s famous for pine tree forests which hides tiny  Lithuanian villages, sandy rivers and lakes. And of course famous Druskininkai SPA resort neighbouring to the national park.

People come here for hiking and kayaking in Dzukija National Park , cycling tours,  traditional Lithuanian food, leisure in wood-fired sauna , historical sites and  other things to do in Lithuania’s South.


Summer pictures of Dzūkija National Park in Lithuania. Contact us for lodging in the park:  +37069963565

Dzukija - land of Lithuania national park

Dzukija  is the name of Southern Lithuania.It’s a well known region for park-like forests full of berries and mushrooms.It’s famous for the ancient traditions which still exists in ethnographic Lithuanian villages of the region .

For a long time locals have been known as modest and friendly  people that live in a land of beautiful Lithuanian nature. The lifestyle is simple here: women pick berries and hunt for mushrooms.Men cut trees and keep bees.

Video: Dzūkija National Park in winter.Contact us for attractions in Dzukija N.P.:  +37069963565

There is little food that can grow in these sandy areas of Dzūkija National Park. The only buckwheat that may remain in these soils. For this reason, the dishes prepared by the locals in Southern Lithuania are different from the usual potato dishes, especially loved by Lithuanians. The residents of the villages of Dzūkija National Park cook a very special buckwheat dishes, combined with the bounties of nature. Holiday villa “Dzūkijos uoga” offers its guests traditional Lithuanian food cooking classes.

Čepkeliai Marsh - nature monuments of Lithuania

Čepkeliai reserve is the largest high-marsh in Lithuania. It has some little lakes with floating islands, remains of continental dunes, taiga type woods, amazing diversity of fauna and flora and other nature monuments . Čepkeliai swamp extends for 5.9 hectares.

View from Čepkeliai observation tower - "Dzūkijos uoga"

Photo: Cepkeliai marsh view from observation tower

There are about eighty islands and islets in it.The 11, 2-hectare reserve is home to the largest populations of Lithuanian capercaillies, cranes, great grebes and owls. You can even meet black cocks and black storks here! It is one of the few places where you can find wolves and lynxes and many moose that feed here during the winter.

Video: active leisure organized by villa “Dzukijos uoga” in Dzukija National Park – Lithuania. Contacts: +37069963565

The Cepkeliai Nature Reserve is protected by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. Therefore, human activity is particularly limited here. The only exception is the residents of neighboring villages. They are allowed to pick cranberries once a year. And no wonder – these people have been doing it since the Mesolithic era! This natural monument is located in Dzūkija National Park.It’s only 8 kilometers from the holiday recreation villa “Dzūkijos uoga” – your natural accommodation in South Lithuania’s national park.

Čepkeliai observation tower

Photo: renovated  Čepkeliai bog observation tower in Dzūkija National Park

Wildlife has thousands of colors … the moonlight enchants with a lot of shades … if you want to experience it all, villa “Dzūkijos uoga” –  a cozy holiday lettings in Lithuania countryside awaits for you!

Lithuanian villages of Dzūkija National Park

The twists and turns of history have helped the Dzūkija region to preserve authentic wooden Lithuanian villages in untouched nature. Viršurodukis is one of these Lithuanian ethnographic villages, where the villa “Dzūkijos uoga” is located, intended for your self catering accommodation in Lithuania countryside.

Only a few  permanent residents live in this village of Dzūkija National Park.Viršurodukis comes to live only during the summer season, when the weather is nice and warm. Especially during the mushroom and berry season.Mushroom foraging is a popular activity among things to do in Druskininkai  surroundings.

A marked bike path runs through our holiday home rentals. It is one of the thirteen cycle trails that lead through the most picturesque areas of Dzūkija National Park in Lithuania.

Ethnographic homestead of Dzukija N.P. in Zervynos village- Lithuania

Ethnographic homestead in Zervynos village at Dzukija N.P.

Zervynos is one of the oldest and most protected ethnographic Lithuanian villages with the wooden houses and  thatched roofs.It’s situated along beautiful river “Ūla”. Zervynos is also known for it’s wooden Dzukija-style crosses. This is where the main kayaking route on the Ūla River begins . You will find forest surrounded  “Išrūginis “and “Mekšrinis” lakes with small sandy beaches nearby.

In nearby Puvočiai and Dubininkas villages you can explore the traces of ancient Lithuanians who lived here even during the Stone Age. There are many old wooden houses with with traditional Dzūkija-style decoration here.

Marcinkonys is the largest village in Dzukijos National Park and  in the whole of Lithuania.It is first mentioned in the written sources in 1637. This Lithuanian village welcomes you with a wooden Simon and Jude Thaddeus church  built in the 19th century.

In Marcinkonys you will find Cepkeliai Nature Reserve museum, Aklaezeris Lake, continental “Rooster” dune.“Zackagiris” and “Girinis” hiking paths goes along  Gruda river. Dzukija National Park visitors centre is also located in Marcinkonys.

Musteika is also an architectural site of Dzukija National Park . It’s famous for the Beekeeping museum and the beekeeping educational program. Here you can find an old beekeeping trail with many  hollow- beekeeping  signs.


Lithuania Youtube video: Beekeeping Museum attractions in Musteika village

The village of Margionys still has a unique pagan tradition.During the All Saints Day and eight evenings after locals gather by the hollow pine tree in the village’s cemetery putting-up a bone fire. They pray, talk, and remember the dead. In Margionys village you will also find Lithuanian Barn Theater, which was founded in 1920.

Rivers and lakes of Dzukija National Park Lithuania

There are many kayaking routes in the national park rivers of Dzūkija land. You can choose from easy 2-3 hours of canoeing on the Merkys or 4-6 hours of rawing on the bustling Ula and Gruda rivers. All kayak routes pass through scenic spots. 

Merkys river bridge in Dzukija national Park Lithuania

“Monkey bridge” over Merkys river near Roduka village in Dzukija N.P.

Merkys river. The slow current of Merkys is perfect for  family canoeing and camping lovers. Holiday home rentals  “Dzukijos uoga”  can offer you a 1 – 2 days canoe tours. By canoe you will enjoy beautiful sandy shores, singing of birds, untouched nature and ethnographic Lithuanian villages of Dzukija National Park. Merkys joints  bigest Lithuanian river Nemunas in Merkinė town which is 12 km away from our  vacation home rentals in Lithuania countryside.

Ūla is one of the most beautiful rivers in Lithuania. Surrounded by pinewoods  it’s famous for the  sandy shores, vivid views  and the lively current so loved by canoeing enthusiasts.  It’s one of the most spectacular Lithuanian rivers. Ula is perfect for adults or families that like water tourism.

The hydrological monument “Ūlos akis” (“Ula eye”) is a beautiful eye-shaped spring near the Ula river.It’s situated on the left bank between Mančiagirė and Žūrai villages. You can reach this place by car, bicycle or kayak. Many terrible stories have been told about Ula’s eye. However, we should not believe all of them – it is only the heritage of Lithuanian folklore.

Video: family kayaking in Dzukija N.P. rivers in South Lithuania. Contact us for kayaking tours:  +37069963565

Gruda (Grūda) is a winding stream with many bridges and barrages. In high water, kayaking on the Gruda River can be very attractive. The most impressive part of the route is just before the confluence with the Merkys River. The scenery and nature will fascinate you  during the whole way. 

Southern Lithuania photo gallery >>

There are 48 lakes in Dzūkija National Park. Some of them have sandy shores and small forest beaches that invite you to swim. Others are situated in remote areas, surrounded by beautiful Lithuanian nature and wonderful views. Due to their remoteness, these lakes are full of legends and stories.

Holiday house rental “Dzūkijos uoga” is only a few kilometers from Trikampis lake (Triangle lake). Tourists are rare here. If you even see anybody, it will most likely be a nature lover looking for new shots for his camera. People say several planes sank in the lake during the World War 2.

“Bakanauskai” swamp with a lake is quite interesting tourist place with a wonderful scenery. You can reach the lake by the “Skroblus” hiking trail. 

Hiking and cycling in Dzukija National Park

There are 11 bike paths and 5 hiking trails in the beautiful landscape of the South Lithuanian National Park. All trails pass through picturesque spots and scenic viewpoints. Each hiking trail or bike route is marked in a different color. Nature trails for hiking around Druskininkai attract more and more vacationers from the SPA resort each year.

Educational - hikinh path in Čepkeliai bog

Photo: recently renovated hiking path going through Čepkeliai bog in Dzūkija National Park

Bicycle path no. 9 passes through the vacation villa “Dzūkijos uoga”. We provide guests with all the necessary maps and arrange bicycle rental. Maps are also available at the Dzūkija National Park headquarters in Marcinkonys or Merkinė.

Hiking map of Zackagiris hiking trail, Čepkeliai marsh sightseeing trail and “Dzukijos uoga” bicycle path and hikint trail in Dzūkija N.P.-Lithuania. Contact us for  guided cycling and hiking +37069963565

Zackagiris is the most beautiful hiking trail in the national park. It starts in Marcinkonys village. You can choose between long and short sections of it. 

You can also explore the surroundings of  vacation home “Dzukijos uoga”. Hit your pedals and exercise your legs on the “Dzūkijos uoga” bike path or footpath! 

Lodging in Dzukija National Park

Lodging in Dzukija National park - "Dzukijos uoga" holiday home

“Dzūkijos uoga”  – a stylish vacation house for lodging in Dzūkija National Park – Lithuania. Contacts: +37069963565

There are several vacation rentals for lodging in Dzūkija National Park.They may differ in their level of comfort and attitude towards holidaymakers. “Dzūkijos uoga” is one of the few holiday homes for rent that has been awarded the Protected Areas trademark ( a “Bird”).


Protected areas trademark - "Bird" of Dzukija National Park

Countryside holiday home “Dzūkijos uoga” has been granted the label of Lithuanian protected areas (“Bird”).

Our holiday lodging is located in the village of Viršurodukis, surrounded by pine forests and rivers. We are only 11 miles from Druskininkai SPA resort. Dzūkija National Park headquarters is within 8 miles from the vacation rentals.

The holiday home accommodates groups of 8 to 18 guests.Only one group of vacationers (families with children or friends) is welcome at a time.The owners of “Dzūkijos uoga” , Tomas and Regina, offer active outdoor recreation in the surroundings. Contacts and prices here.

Video: “Dzūkijos uoga” holiday home for lodging in Dzukija National Park. Contacts:  +37069963565

7-bedrooms vacation villa “Dzūkijos uoga” offers cozy accommodation in a environment for small groups. The holiday home has all the necessary amenities to make your stay comfortable.For your exclusive lodging  in Dzūkija National Park,  the villa can offer a spacious yard surrounded by a pine forest, a pond and a stream.The yard  is  equipped with:

  • The gazebo with a big table for dining up to18 guests
  • Wood-fired sauna ( banya) for lambasting
  • Children’s playground with swings
  • Genuine clay brick oven for Lithuanian cuisine dishes
  • A fire pit 
  • Big grill for barbecue
  • Roof-covered terraces near the main house and the sauna house
  • Hot shower
  • A pond with a bridge for swimming and recreation
  • A creek running through the yard
  • Fire-pit for your starry evenings leisure
  • Cozy lighting
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Peace, harmony and charming atmosphere of a tiny forest village
  • Thousands of berries and mushrooms

Facilities of the holiday lodging in Dzukija N.P. - "Dzukijos uoga"

Contact “Dzūkijos uoga” for your next holiday accommodation in South Lithuania countryuside!  +37069963565


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