Canoeing in Lithuania rivers by Druskininkai

Photo: canoeing tours in Lithuania - Dzukija National Park by Druskininkai - Dzukijos uoga

Canoeing tours in Lithuanian rivers of Dzukija National Park could be a perfecs holiday  attraction in Druskininkai. Some Lithuanian rivers are silent and shallow, others are rapid and curvy. We will find the right  Druskininkai canoe route for your company: either you are a family with  small children or a group of extreme lovers.

We will arrange the canoe rent and safety jackets.We will organize the transportation  and the whole kayaking tour in the wildness of Lithuanian nature at  Dzukija National Park. We always instruct you and lead the group. Safety is first.This Lituania holidays attraction could take from couple of hours up to a whole day or two.Let’s get wet!

Canoe tours in Druskininkai Lithuania

Baidarės Grūda -sodyba su baidarėmis - Dzūkijos uoga

Canoeing in Lithuania

Canoeing in Grūda at Dzukija National Park 

Grūda is quite narrow but fast current river of Dzukija National Park. It runs through forests and meadows. The most impressive part of canoeing in Grūda  river is the final part  when it joins Merkys. This part is recommended for advanced water tourists only.

Some most popular canoeing routes of Grūda:

– Darzeliai- Marcinkonys (around 2 hours)
– Marcinkonys- Kasetos (around 4-5 hours)
– Kasetos-Puvociai (around 2-2,5 hours)

If the weather is hot, canoeing could be a great Lithuanian holiday attraction for families.If  the themperature is low, tt’s a good idea to book a wood- fired banya after the canoeing tour.

Photo: hosts and ttractiosns of holidays to Druskininkai accommodation - Dzukijos uoga

Canoe tours in Drukininkai

Canoe tours in Merkys river by Druskininkai

Merkys is a silent and quite shallow well known Lithuanian river in Dzukija National Park by Druskininkai resort. Canoe tours in Merkys could be a good choice for  families with children or beginners of water tourism.

The biggest part of this Lithuanian river runs through forests passing by  some villages on the way. It’s a great attraction for Druskininkai resort guests. Here comes some most popular routes of  Merkys river  tours:

– Senoji Varena-Perloja (around 3 hours)
– Perloja-Puvociai (around 5 hours)
– Mardasavas-Puvociai (around 1 hour)
– Puvociai- A4 bridge over Merkys river (around 1,5 hours)
– Puvociai-Merkine (around 2 hours)

Plaukimas Ūlos upe - baidarės su nakvyne - Dzūkijos uoga-

Kayaking routes in Lithuania

Kayaking  in Ūla river

Ūla river is one of the most beutiful Lithuanian rivers. The river banks are sandy and high, the  current is  strong –  so it’s a perfest choice for an advanced kayakers or canoe rowers.There are some camps and Lituanian ethnographic villages on the route. Ūla runs through Dzukija National Park in Lithuania.

This Lithuanian river is very popular among local tourists – so the number of kayakers is strictly limited. You should get a permition to go kayaking on Ūla.Here comes the most popular Ūla river kayaking routes:

-Kasetos-Zervynos (around 4 hours)
-Zervynnos-Trakiskiai (around 5 hours)
-Zervynos-Manciagire (around 2 hours)
-Manciagire-Trakiskiai (around 3 hours)
-Trakiskiai-Mardasavas -further on  Merkys river till Puvociai (around 4 hours)

Rafting in Lithuania around Druskininkai

Plaukimas plaustais - plaustų nuoma Dzūkijoje - Dzūkijos uoga

There are no places for whitewater rafting in Lithuania. So rafts are mostly used for quiet family and friends rafting on silent Lithuanian rivers. Rafts are popular on Merkys and Nemunas rivers by Druskininkai Lithuania. On a hot summer day they do it instead of lying on the beach. It’s much better- you have sun,water and changing vivid views. Self caterring villa “Dzukijos uoga”  can organize  family rafting on Merkys river with a full board.

Villa “Dzukijos uoga” – your countyside accommodation with canoe tours in Druskininkai Lithuania


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