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Places to visit & fun things to do in Southern Lithuania - attractions

Best places to visit in Lithuania - Dzukija National Park

Dzūkija National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the south of Lithuania. Contact the vacation villa “Dzūkijos uoga” for attractions and outdoor recreation here:   +37069963565

If you are a nature lover, you will definitely find a lot of things to see and do in the Lithuanian countryside. Head south to reach Dzūkija National Park.The park is full of beautiful spots and the best outdoor activities.

Dzūkija (that’s what the locals call Southern Lithuania) is famous for its pine forests with streaming revers and sandy lakes.Wild mushrooms and berries abound in scenic areas here. The Dzūkija region attracts both local and foreign holidaymakers.

Book guided kayak tours in Southern Lithuania.Contact the vacation villa “Dzukijos uoga” :   +37069963565(WhatsApp,Viber).

Here you can go cycling, kayaking, hiking or mushroom hunting. Experience the lifestyle of ancient wooden villages. Try the lambasting with herb brooms in a wood-fired banya (a type of sauna).

Travel to the famous Druskininkai spa resort to pamper your body. Visit  the historic Merkine site and taste the traditional Lithuanian food. Southern part is a fun things to do while you are in Lithuania.

Why South Lithuania - travel tips

There are many reasons why south Lithuania should not be missed. Here are just a few travel tips for the southern part of the country.

♦ Dzukija region woods are famous for wild mushrooms and berries. The mushroom hunting festival in Varėna attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world every year.

Mushroom foraging in Lithuania - things to do

♦ The wooden villages of southern Lithuania are charming and old, still following the ancient way of life.Zervynos was among the sites for UNESCO heritage nominations. Here you can  look for traditional food cooked in a clay oven, or  a special wood-fired banya activities. Lithuanian sauna is a fun thing to do. It’s really not as weird as it might seem from the videos.

Zervynos is a worth to visit place in South Lithuania

Dzūkija National Park has many sights and attractions to offer for families with children. It is one of the most beautiful places of Lithuania. The landscape is  covered by pine trees, rivers and lakes. Visit it for sightseeing, educational activities and outdoor recreation.

Park visitor centers in Marcinkonys and Merkine are good spots to start your wild nature experience.They have tourist maps showing the best things to do and most beautiful places to visit in the surrounding areas.

Southern Lithuania travel video: Dzukija National park in winter.

♦ Čepkeliai bog is a national reserve. The impassable swamp is rich in protected species of fauna and flora. It has a nature trail. You can hire a guide at the park headquarters to take you along the marsh. 

♦ Druskininkai is a famous spa resort that attracts family vacationers. In addition to its various spa deals, it can also offer a wide selection of holiday leisure activities.

♦ Multiple bike roads lead to the most popular  things to do in Druskininkai.The year-round operating Snow Arena is one of the largest in Europe. Attractions of Druskininkai Water Park, lively cafes and restaurants, bustling amusement park and steamboat ride to the Liškiava Monastery will keep you busy for a couple of days.


Druskininkai spa resort is a good place to visit in southern Lithuania

Autumn in Southern Lithuania. View of the spa resort Druskininkai.

♦Merkinė is a good place for a day visit on the way to other places of interest. Take a break while enjoying a delicious lunch at local restaurants. Climb Merkinė Observation Tower, visit Merkinė Pyramid, or say hello to the local handcraft masters here.

Many attractions are easily accessible from Vilnius or Kaunas. 100 km bus ride will take you there. Either way, you should be prepared to rent a car if you want to delve deeper into the countryside attractions.

Best things to do in Merkine - Lithuania

Best things to do & places to see in LIthuania - Merkine towerObservation tower in Merkinė, Lithuania is a fun thing to do.

Merkine is a small but important historical town in Lithuania. It is on the way to all the main attractions of the Dzukija region from Vilnius or Kaunas. This settlement was an important fortification during 14 th century batles with Teutonic Order. You can still visit the 14th century Merkine mound with a beautiful view of the Nemunas river.

Lithuanian food in Merkine - dessertCreme brulee in “Dzūkynė” restautant at the center of Merkinė

There are several fun things to see and do in around Merkine, Lithuania.  Visit St.Mary’s Church,  climb the Merkine tower  and  take pictures of the pagan stones on Nemunas coast.

Visit the headquarters of the Dzukija National Park for travel tips. Make a stop at “Šilo kopa” or  “Dzūkynė” to fill your stomach with delicious Lithuanian food. Both restaurants are worth a visit.Enjoy the tastiest tourist attractions in southern Lithuania!

Tourist attractions nearby Merkine

Video:black pottery educational program organised by holiday home “Dzukijos uoga”

Make a visit to black pottery master. He lives in the remote village of Zakavoliai near Merkine and still uses an  ancient brick furnace. The craftsman makes art products from ceramics, following ancient Lithuanian traditions. He can tell about the history of Lithuanian black pottery and reveal some of its secrets.

It’s a good place to buy Lithuanian handcrafts.Here you can  even try to make your own masterpiece out of clay. This genuine Lithuanian attraction takes about 1 hour and is a fun thing to do for all ages of  visitors. Don’t forget to agree about the workshop in advance.

Merkyne pyramid is a thing to see in Lithuania

Merkine Pyramid is worth visiting at night. This sight is 1km from the A4 road to Druskininkai.

Merkinės piramidė - Dzūkijos uoga

Merkine pyramid

The Merkinė Pyramid is actually located in the village of Česukai, about 5 km from the city. Thi sight is right on the way to the vacation villa “Dzukijos uoga”.

The pyramid is a religious place, people come here for healing and meditation. Anyhow, it’s also a well-known tourist attraction in Lithuania.

Povilas is the founder of the pyramid, an interesting person. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to him!

The attraction is located in a picturesque place near the Nemunas River.

Merkinės lankytinos vietos - Dzūkijos uoga

Interesting sights of Merkine

  • The 25 m high Merkinė observation tower with a wonderful view of the forests and rivers of Dzūkija
  • Orthodox Church (build in 1885 instead of city hall)
  • Town boundary signs mentioning Magdeburg rights
  • 15 th century gothic  St.Anns church
  • Merkine hillfort with a great scenery
  • Pagan stones on Nemunas river bank
  • Old Jewish cemetery. Merkinė was the first place where Jews settled down. It is a good thing to do in Lithuania for everyone who is interested in the history of the Litvaks.
Juodoji keramika Merkinėje - Dzūkijos uoga

Educational black pottery program

  • Visit the ancient black pottery workshop, look at the old kiln
  • Learn about the history of black ceramics in Lithuania
  • Find out how black ceramic masterpieces are created
  • Take the opportunity to make the pottery by yourself
  • Buy Lithuanian black ceramic works of art directly from the hands of a famous master
  • Tahe this Lithuanian attraction with the whole family. It’s fun for both kids and adults.

Beautiful places to visit & fun things to do in Dzukija National Park

Video: sky view of Dzukija National Park in Lithuania .The park borders Druskininkai resort and the town of Merkinė.

Hollow beekeeping museum is another  fun thing to do in Southern Lithuania. This is not a traditional museum. The tourist attraction is located in the  old ethnographic village of Musteika. It can reveal many secrets of ancient beekeeping traditions.

Beekeeper Romas Norkūnas has a very special program. This man will show you how to take honey from the hives with your bare hands or how to start a fire with flint. You will climb hollow trees and observe wild bees. Tasting of fresh honey is included in the price!

Video: Attractions of the Beekeeping Museum in Dzūkija National Park, Lithuania

Photo: WIld mushrooms picking in Lithuania - Dzukijos uoga

Wild berries and mushrooms picking in Lithuania

Picking berries and mushrooms is a traditional activity in Lithuania since long ago. Especially in Dzūkija – in the southern part of Lithuania. This region is known as the kingdom of mushrooms and berries. Nowdays local mushroom kings hunt only those species that mushroom buyers like to export.

However, the truth is that there are hundreds of wild edible mushrooms in Lithuania – Boletus, Gyroporus Castaneus, Parasol, Suillus Variegatus, Leccinum, Milk Cap, Butter mushrooms, Green mushrooms, Ruselii, Chanterelles and many other kinds. Of course, you should be accompanied by mushroom experts during the entire mushroom hunt. Otherwise, you can also collect toxic or even deadly types of mushrooms.

Lithuanian holiday villa “Dzūkijos uoga” organizes mushroom foraging in Southern Lithuania – in the pine forests of Dzūkijos National Park. After picking wild mushrooms, the catch can be used to prepare traditional Lithuanian food. The hosts of “Dzūkijos uoga” organize a special Lithuanian attraction for their guests – the cooking of traditional mushroom soup over a campfire. Making fresh mushroom soup is a fun activity in Lithuania with children!

Pramogos Dzūkijoje - pasivaikščiojimas po pelkę - Dzūkijos uoga

Hiking and sightseeing tours in South Lithuania

Sightseeing tours in Dzūkija National Park are a good way to get acquainted with the beauty of Lithuania and local traditions. You can take a hike around the natural monuments of Lithuania, enjoying the picturesque views.This way, you will meet locals, visit ethnographic villages, and explore the remote shores of rivers and lakes.

Walk through the swamp can be another challenging attraction in southern Lithuania. There is an interesting educational trail in Cepkeliai marsh. You will hear  chirping of thousands of birds and explore the wildlife of  remote Čepkeliai bog.You will even have a chance to feel the ground moving under your feet.

There are several sightseeing routes in Dzukija National Park. The best place to start your hike is the Marcinkonys visitor center. Here you can get explanations with  maps and even hire a nature guide. Hiking in Lithuania is the best way to explore the countryside.

In any case, if you want to have an individual experience, contact Tom at the vacation villa “Dzūkijos uoga”:   +37069963565  (WhatsApp, Viber)

Video: “Dzūkijos uoga” individual wildlife attractions in Lithuania.

Photo: What to do in Lithuania- bike tours- Dzukijos uoga

Bike tours in Lithuanian countryside

The owners of villa “Dzukijos uoga” organize guided bike tours in the Dzukija National Park. You can go for a bike ride along the rural trails of Druskininkai surroundings. By bike you will reach the most remote charming villages, see the local life, visit the continental dunes, or swim in sandy rivers and forest lakes.

Individually guided bike tours includes:

Bicycle rental and transport to the starting point

Guidance and support for cyclists

Snacks on the way.

Our individually guided cycling tours can last from 1 to 5 hours.

We can conduct bike tours for groups of 2 to 15 vacationers from 10 years old.

Ready for a cycling holiday to Lithuanian countryside?

Ask your hosts to suggest extreme tourist attractions in Southern Lithuania.

Most of the wild experience attractions we organize exclusively for the guests of our vacation home by Druskininkai Lithuania.

Video:extreme attractions in Puvociai tower

Hikes and biking trails in Dzūkija park

Map of the best hikes and bicycling trails in Dzūkija National Park.The map can be downloaded directy to you phone.To do this, press the square icon in the upper right corner.

Kayaking in Dzukija National Park

Video: individual kayaking tours with small children in Dzukija National Park, Lithuania. Contacts:   +37069963565

Dzūkija National Park has several rivers suitable for canoeing in Lithuania. Merkys is a slow-flowing and rather shallow river. This makes it a great choice for family kayaking with young children. If you are an experienced kayaker, just go to Gruda or Ula.

All Dzukia N.P. the rivers are quite popular among the locals. So it’s best to avoid summer weekends if you value your privacy.There are kayak routes of various lengths in Dzūkija Park.

It can last from 2 hours to 3 days. One-day water attraction is the most popular one. Combine it with a Lithuanian steam sauna to enjoy to the fullest! You can book the guided canoe tour from  Dzukijos uoga kayak rentals.

Wood fired banya by Druskininkai Lithuania

Wood-fired sauna by Druskininkai, Lithuania - Dzukijos uoga

Wood fired banya (Lithuanian steam sauna) with lambasting is another  must-do in Lithuanian countryside!

A wood-fired country banya is a fun thing to do in the south of Lithuania. This is not a sauna. It’s more like a special spa treatment in nature. There is a real wood-burned sauna in “Dzūkijos uoga” holiday letting. Here we can offer aromatherapy, peeling and even massage. This magnificent spa treatment lasts approximately 3-4 hours.

Book Lithuanian wood-fired sauna treatment in villa “Dzukijos uoga” :   +37069963565

Banya treatment program of the holiday cottage in Lithuania countryside includes:

-A slight “warming-up” procedure in banya
-Inhalation of salt and aromas of different Lithuanian plants
-Scrubbing of the whole body with salt (peeling)
-Stroking the body with various green leaf brooms in a steam room removes toxins from your body
-Body wash with the extract of 37 herbs
-Body smearing with honey – it restores the skin and makes it younger
-Relaxation and local herbs tea drinking.

Where to stay for your attractions in rural Lithuania?

Sky view & video tour of “Dzukijos uoga” vacation home rental in Lithuania. Family holiday accommodation in the vicinity of Druskininkai resort.

You won’t  find too many  accommodation options in Lithuania countryside. There are no hotels in Dzukija National Park either. They are simply not needed here . Rural holiday homes are the best choice for a stay in forest.  Despite this, some of the self catering accommodation in Lithuania are well equipped, stylish and comfortable.

Villa “Dzukijos uoga” is located in a small charming village in the heart of Dzūkija National Park, 18 km from Druskininkai health resort. The property is surrounded by a pine forest and a small lake. This makes it an exceptional destination for small groups of holidaymakers. Especially for families with kids looking for outdoor attractions along with leisure in bustling Druskininkai. 

We accept only one group of 8 to 18 vacationers at a time. The hosts live separately and can come on request.Take a virtual tour of the vacation cottage in Alytus county >>


“Dzukijos uoga” Facebook >>



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