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Things to do in Lithuania around Druskininkai

Southern Lithuana is a first thing to do for the nature and countryside lovers. Dzukija National Park is full of great outdoors attractions for all ages of visitors. You can go biking, canoeing, trekking, mushroom hunting or participate educational programs in ancient Lithuanian villages here.Famous SPA resort Druskininkai and historic site Merkine are also “must” things to do while you are in Lithuania.

Dzukija National Park is only 100 km. from Vilnius or Kaunas. Park visitors centres at Marcinkonys and  Merkine are a good spots to start your Lithuanian nature exploration.They have different maps and even small exibition about what to do in Dzukija National Park and Druskininkai surroundings.

Merkine Lithuania

Merkinės apžvalgos bokštas - Dzūkijos uoga

Merkine is a small but important historic site of Lithuania. It’s on  the way to Druskininkai from Vilnius or Kaunas. Merkine used to be an important fortification during 14 th century figts with Teutonic Order. You can still visit a 14th century Merkine hillfort with a wonderful view to Nemunas river. There are St.Mary’s Church, Dzukija National park headquarters and impressive observation tower nearby.

Things to do around Merkine

Visit to black pottery master is an interesting thing to do in Lithuania. He lives in remote village near Merkine and still uses ancient brick furnace. Master manufactures ceramic art works following old Lithuanian traditions.He can explain about the history of Lithuanian black pottery and reveal some secrets of it.Here you can also try to make your own masterpiece out ofclay. This genuine Lithuanian educational attraction takes about 1 hour and is a worth thing to do for all ages of Lithuania guests.

Merkinės piramidė - Dzūkijos uoga

Merkine pyramid

It’s close to Merkine, in Cesukai village, on the way to Druskininkai and  holiday villa “Dzukijos uoga”

Religious site. People come to here for healing and mind concentration

Povilas – the founder of Merkine pyramid, is an interesting person. Do not miss to talk to him!

Merkinės lankytinos vietos - Dzūkijos uoga

Interesting sites of Merkine

  • Visitors centre of Dzukija National Park
  • Merkine hillfort
  • Orthodox Church (build in 1885 instead of city hall)
  • Town boundary signs mentioning Magdeburg rights
  • 15 th century gothic  St.Anns church
  • Pagan stones on Nemunas river bank
  • Old Jewish cemetery. Mekrine was the first place where jews settled down in Lithuania
Juodoji keramika Merkinėje - Dzūkijos uoga

Educational black potery program

  • Visit to an ancient workshop of  black pottery, take a look to old furnance
  • Find out about the history of black pottery in Lithuania
  • Get to know how  black pottery marsterpieces are produced
  • Take a chance to do your own masterpiece
  • Possibility to buy Lithuanian black ceramic art works

Things to do in Dzukija National Park Lithuania

Lithuanian hollow beekeeping museum is a must thing to do in Dzukija National Park. Locaded in Musteika – old ethnographic  village ,it has to reviel the secrets of ancient beekeeping traditions.

Beekeeper Romas knows much more than beekeeping. He will teach you how to make fire out of flinstone, or amaze you by taking honey from ancient hives in hollow trees by his hands. It’s a couple of hours educational attraction in the national park. Fresh oney tasting is included!

Photo: WIld mushrooms picking in Lithuania - Dzukijos uoga

Wild berries and mushrooms picking in Lithuania

Berry picking and mushroom hunting is a traditional thing to do in Dzukija National Park by Druskininkai from ancient times. Dzukija land is known as a kingdom of mushrooms and berries. The local mushroom-kings hunts  only for those kinds that are popular among mushroom buyers for export.

But the truth is that there are hundreds of wild edible mushrooms in Lithuania- boletus,gyroporus castaneus,parasol,suillus variegatus,leccinum, milk cap,butter mushrooms,green mushroom,russules, chanterelles and many other kinds. Of course you should be accompanied by the mushroom experts during all the hunt. Otherwise you could collect also the toxic or even deadly kinds of mushrooms.

Villa “Dzukijos uoga” organizes wild mushrooms picking attraction in Dzukija National Park. After the wild mushroom picking tehy can be used in lithuanian traditional mushroom soup on fire in the backyard of  “Dzukijos uoga” holiday rentals. It’s a perfect attraction for all ages of guests.

Pramogos Dzūkijoje - pasivaikščiojimas po pelkę - Dzūkijos uoga

Sightseeing tours in Dzukija National Park

Sightseeing tours in  Dzukija National Park is a good way to explore Lithuanian beauty and local traditions.  You will go through  Lithuanian nature monuments and see vivid views, visit ethnographic villages, meet locals and follow sightseeing paths along remote rivers banks in the depth of Lithuanian forests.

Walk in a swamp could be anothe challanging thing to do in Lithuania.Cepkeliai marsh has interesting educational path. You will hear  thousands of birds singing and explore the wildlife of  remote Cepkeliai swamp with a small lakes.You will even have a possibility  feel a moving ground under your feet.

There are several marked sightseeing trails in Dzukija National Park. The best place to start is Marcinkonys visitors centre. Here you can get some explanations with  maps and even hire a nature guide.

Photo: What to do in Lithuania- bike tours- Dzukijos uoga

Bike tours in Lithuanian nature

Villa “Dzukiojs uoga” can arrange escorted bike tours in Dzukija National Park. You will go  bicycling on the countryside trails and around Druskininkai. By bike you will  reach the most remote Lithuanian villages, look at the local’s lifestyle, visit continental dunes, swamps or enjoy sandy  rivers and forest lakes.

Bike tours includes:

Bicycles rent and transportation to the start poin
Lead and support of the bicyclists
Snacks on the way

Organized bike tours in Dzukija National Park can take  from 1 up to 5 hours

Banya on wood by Druskininkai Lithuania

Foto: banya on wood in Lithuania by Druskininkai - Dzukijo uoga

Countryside banya on wood is a must thing to do in Lithuania. It’s not sauna. It’s more like SPA treatment in nature surroundings. Villa “Dzukijos uoga” has a real banya on wood with aromatherapy, exfoliation and even massage. This great SPA procedure takes about 3-4 hours.

Banya program:

-A slight “warming-up” procedure in Russian banja
-Salt inhalation and aromas of different Lithuanian plants from Dzukija National Park
-Full body scrub with salt (peeling)
-Body patting with different green leaf brooms in the steam filled room -it eliminates toxins form your body
-Body wash with the extract of 37 herbs
-Body smearing with honey – it recovers your skin and makes it look younger
-Relaxation and drinking locally collected herbs tea
-Japanese body massage (on separate request)

Accommodation in Dzukija National Park by Druskininkai

Photo: accommodation in Dzukija National park by Druskininkai - Dzukijos uoga

There are no hotels or guest houses in Dzukija National Park. They are not needed here . The best place  to stay overnight are rural tourism homesteads and countryside  villas. Several Lithuanian holiday accommodation rentals are new and stylish. They can suggest you a full board , including attractions in Lithuania nature.

Villa “Dzukijos uoga” could be a wonderful accommodation in Dzukija National Park for  great outdoors lovers or families with children. Countryside villa rentas is  located in a small quiet old Lithuanian village surrounded by pine forest and water. It’s probably the best choice of holiday accommodation in Druskininkai nature.

Countryside villa “Dzukijos uoga” –  holiday attracions and accommodation in Dzukija National Park by Druskininkai in Lithuania!


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