Rooms of self catering accommodation by Druskininkai Lithuania

Self catering villa “Dzūkijos uoga” is  designed for groups of friends or families vacation to Lithuania. Our Lithuania holidays house is surrounded by pine tree forests and lakes of Druskininkai countryside. We can suggest lodging for groups up to 18 people who are  looking for a self catering accommodation in Lithuania nature.  All “Dzukijos uoga” guests can enjoy stylish  privacy of  Druskininkai surroundings, as we always rent it  to only one group of tourists per time.

Depending on the group size we  will accommodate you in the main building of your Lithuania holidays house (up to 13 guests)  or  both – main and small houses of the villa (up to 18 guests). Holiday home “Dzukijos uoga” has 7 bedrooms , 2 guest rooms, spacious backyard and much more for your self catering accommodation in Lithuania.

Self catering accommodation rooms at villa "Dzukijos uoga" in Lithuania

Sodybos varenos rajone svetainė - Dzūkijos uoga

Spaces of main villa

A self catering accommodation in Lithuania nature

  • Large living room
  • Fireplace corner to sit
  • Stylish kitchen with kitchenware
  • Spacious corridors
Sodyba Varėnos rajone - miegamasis1 - Dzūkijos uoga

Rooms in main house of self caterring villa

A countryside holidays accommodation in Lithuania

  • 3 double bedrooms with two single beds
  • 2 double rooms with one king size double bed
  • 1 triple room with one double bed and one single bed
  • 3 large bathrooms
Sodyba Varėnos rajone su židiniu - Dzūkijos uoga

Holiday home amenities

A self catering accommodation by Druskininkai

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Chairs and tables
  • Modern audio and video systems
  • All required household appliances

Rooms in small house for your Lithuania holidays accommodation

A good  banya on wood is a must thing to do during  your Lithuania countryside holidays. You can find such banya  in the small house of  villa “Dzukijos uoga”-  a stylish nature home rentals for your  holidays to Lithuania countryside  . There is also a bathroom, a guests room with fireplace and a bedroom for your self catering accommodation in Lithuania countryside there.

Sodybos Varėnos rajone pirtis - Dzūkijos uoga

Sodybos Varėnos rajone pirties miegamasis - Dzūkijos uoga

Small house rooms

for your Lithuania holidays

  • A big bedroom devided into 3 sections
  • 2 sections with two single beds
  • 1 section with one single bed
Sodybos Varėnos rajone pirties vidus - Dzūkijos uoga

Spaces of the small house

for Lithuania holidays in countryside

  • Living room with  fireplace
  • Dressing room
  • A corner to sit by fireplace
Sodybos Varėnos rajone pirties poilsio kambarys - Dzūkijos uoga

Amenities of the small house

for Lithuania holidays in countryside

  • Shower with toilet
  • Woodburning  banya
  • Roof covered  terrace with vivid view

How to rent holiday house-Lithuania for vacation

A standard way to rent holiday house in Lithuania for vacation is to do it via main search engines of the holiday rentals. Just be aware that these systems shows the most profitable for them holiday hoses on the top. That’s where all the tourists crowds go to. But if  you are looking for privacy and a personal touch –  you should find some alternative ways to rent holiday homes in Lithuania – just to  escape from the  these crowds .

Direct search following recommendations could be one of the ideas how to rent Lithuania holiday house for your dream vacations with kids. That’s what you just did. Yes, you just found your Lithuania holidays villa “Dzukijos uoga”!

We are here to provide you with  the best ever Lithuania holidays attractions in Dzukija National Park and Druskininkai. You will get a stylish accommodation at a new fully equipped  holiday house and Lithuania countryside tranquility .  Lithuania holiday villa “Dzukijos uoga” is surrounded by water and pine forest full of wild  berries and mushrooms. Here you can also enjoy Lithuanian cuisine dishes and  have a wonderful  nature attractions for the whole family! We love to see your happy faces!

So do it! Write us and ask your questions about the self catering accommodation in Lithuania! Contact Lithuania holiday house rentals with no hassle!

Villa “Dzukijos uoga” –  your self catering accommodation for Lithuania countryside holidays by Druskininkai resort! 

Lithuania self catering accommodation pictures could be a helpful way to make your decision!

Sodybos nuoma Varėnos rajone - Dzūkijos uoga

Lithuania countryside villa "Dzukijos uoga" for self catering accommodation

Sodybos Varėnos rajone vonia - Dzūkijos uoga

Book Lithuania self catering accommodation for countryside vacations!



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