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Active holidays attractions in Lithuania by Druskininkai

Kayaking in Lithuania Druskininkai - active outdoor attractions in Villa "Dzukijos uoga"

If you like active holidays and outdoor attractions – Lithuania countryside might be the right destination to travel. Lithuania has a great variety of activities for families with kids, especially in its famous resort Druskininkai and Dzūkija National Park. Druskininkai neighborhood is known for a park like forests with picturesque river banks and small sandy beaches of crystal clear lakes.

Outdoor activities in Druskininkai and things to do in Lithuania

Druskininkai Lithuania - attractions by villa "Dzukijos uoga"

Exploring Lithuanian outdoor activities or attractions Druskininkai and surrounding Dzukija National Park are the must places to visit. They are both located in the Southern part of Lithuania. Druskininkai is a well established SPA resort especially liked by local families and outdoor activities lovers from abroad. Lively Druskininkai is full of attractions for visitors of all ages.

Lithuania holiday attractions by Druskininkai - Liskiava monastery- "Dzukijos uoga"

Besides it’s SPA leisure, Druskininkai suggests a year round open Snow Arena for downhill skiing, an amusement park constructed on pine trees trunks, a great Aqua park with hundreds of attractions, long paved bicycle paths for bicycling enthusiasts, steamer tours, lively restaurants and much more. Anyhow, if you are a real nature and outdoor activities maniac, you should hit to Dzūkija National Park located nearby.

What is there to do in Dzūkija National Park Lithuania?

Dzūkija National Park is a perfect place for different attractions and outdoor activities in Lithuania. The whole its territory is covered by pine tree forests full of rivers and lakes. Here you will find tiny wooden villages still living the last century way, an ancient traditions of locals, a great variety of flora and fauna and amazing views all around.

What is there to do in Lithuania - Dzūkija National park - "Dzūkijos uoga"

So, what is there to do in Lithuanian countryside if you are an experienced active holidays fan or a family with youngsters? First of all you should take a kayaking tour or make a whole day long canoe trip. Merkys, Ūla and Grūda rivers have the most popular kayaking routes in Southern Lithuania. Merkys is good for canoeing with family and kids.

Canoe tour in Druskininkai Lithuania - active outdoor attractions in villa "Dzukijos uoga"

Its slow currant does not require much of kayaking skills. Merkys is full of beautiful camping sites and spots for bathing. Ūla and Grūda needs some kayaking experience, so you must really know how to raw to navigate there. Lithuania countryside villa” Dzukijos uoga” organizes guided kayaking tours and canoe rental at the park.

Another outdoor activity to do is bike tours or hiking trips in nature. Dzūkija National Park in Lithuania has 14 marked bike routes and 7 hiking trails going through the most beautiful places. You can find bike rental at the headquarters of Dzūkija National Park Lithuania and in Druskininkai.

Active attractions - bike tours in Lithuania by Druskininkai organized by villa "Dzukijos uoga"If you’ve never seen a real swamp, it should be the next outdoor activity to do in Lithuania. Čepkeliai swamp will grant you by wonderful scenery and amazing wildlife. You can pick wild berries or even hunt for mushrooms on the way. Dzūkija land is famous for them.

Active holiday to Lithuania attractions - trekking in Druskininkai by villa "Dzukijos uoga"

There are several rural holiday houses which can offer wood – burning  banya.  Banya is like a sauna, but with spa and lambasting procedure in steam. It‘s also a must attraction to do in Lithuania by Druskininkai. Especially if you would decide to stay overnight in the countryside holiday home  “Dzūkijos uoga” enjoying cooking traditional Lithuanian dishes on fire or in clay bricks oven.

Things to do in Lithuania - banya on wood at villa "Dzukijos uoga" by Druskininkai

There are much more outdoor activities and leisure suggestions offered by countryside holiday homes near Druskininkai. Visit villa “Dzūkijos uoga” for active holidays experience in Lithuania countryside by Druskininkai!

Attractions in Lithuania - cooking national cuisine dishes on fire at villa "Dzukijos uoga"

Renting countryside holiday home or staying an the homestead in Dzūkija National Park is a perfect escape from busy cities and traffic jams. So make a small turn  and get into the wildness of Lithuanian nature.  Holiday villa “Dzūkijos uoga awaits for you!

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