Family holidays to Lithuania countryside – vacation homes in Druskininkai nature

Family holidays to Lithuania countryside – vacation homes in Druskininkai nature

Family holidays to Lithuania countryside - "Dzukijos uoga'"
Thinking about holidays to Lithuania with family? Vacation in Lithuania countryside has a lot to offer especially for families with kids. At a good price you can still rent some fancy holiday homes surrounded by pine tree forests and lakes of Dzukija National Park.

Holiday home rentals in Lithuania Druskininkai - "Dzukijos uoga"

These special Lithuanian countryside accommodations can offer a privacy of the national park and Druskininkai holiday resort attractions combined. Your kids could dive into Lithuanian nature activities while you would enjoy sunbathing on a small private beach or listen to the singing of birds.

Family holidays in Druskininkai Lithuania - attractions in villa "Dzukijos uoga"
Holiday homes for family vacations to Lithuania

Holiday homes for family vacation in Lithuania - "Dzukijos uoga"
Renting holiday homes in Lithuania is probably the most popular holiday option among families with small kids. There are 15 holiday home rentals nearby Druskininkai Lithuania. Most of them are located at the picturesque places of Dzūkija National Park.

Several of such vacation houses are really fancy and modernly equipped. Villa “Dzukijos uoga” (“Wild berry”) is one of them. It’s stylish privacy and a personal touch will make your family vacations to Lithuania just unforgettable.

Holiday house rentals in Lithuania Druskininkai - "Dzukijos uoga"
Holiday house in Lithuania countryside by Druskininkai

Holiday house “Dzūkijos uoga” is settled in a small ethnographic village surrounded by forest and waterfront, 18km from famous Druskininkai resort. Villa can accommodate groups from 8 up to 18 guests.

No matter how big is the group, you can be sure that you are the only residents in the whole huge property or the holiday home. One group per time is the policy of holiday villa “Dzūkijos uoga”.

Vacation house in Druskininkai Lithuania - "Dzukijos uoga"
This new modern vacation house has 0,8 ha property with 2 separate buildings for guests. The bigger one has 6 bedrooms , 3 bathrooms, a living room with fireplace, a big equipped kitchen with dining area and roof covered terrace.

Vacation rentals in Lithuania - holiday home "Dzukijos uoga"
Smaller building of the holiday villa has one big bedroom fitting 5 guests, a bathroom, a living room with fireplace and a sauna – Russian banya on wood.

Holiday house with banya in Druskininkai Lithuania - "Dzukijos uoga"

The surroundings of holiday villa in Lithuania

Family holidays attractions in Lithuania Druskininkai - "Dzukijos uoga"
Huge private yard of this Lithuanian countryside holiday house is surrounded by a stream and a creak. It has children’s playground with swings, nice arbor for evening foods, a real clay bricks oven for your amazing dishes, and a fireplace for starlight evenings with family.

Holidays to Lithuania - vacation home "Dzukijos uoga"
Villa “Dzukijos uoga” is located in a small silent ethnographic village which has only 3 permanent residents. The privacy of this wooden village and surroundings of Dzukija National Park nature creates a special atmosphere, so admired by visiting families with kids.

Family holiday attractions in Druskininkai Lithuania - "Dzukijos uoga"
Hosts of villa “Dzukijos uoga” can offer different leisure activities and nature attractions for the guests. The most popular thing to do is a canoeing tour on slow currant rivers – especially for families with kids.

Lithuanian national dishes for family holidays in Druskininkai - "Dzukijos uoga"

Guests also enjoy cooking of Lithuanian national dishes on fire, educational black pottery program for kids, bike tours and hiking trips in Dzukija National Park.

Attractions in Druskininkai Lithuania - banya sauna in villa "Dzukijos uoga"

Banya (sauna) on wood with a traditional lambasting procedure is also a must thing to do in Lithuania.The SPA procedure can take from 2 up to 4 hours. This will make you feel like heaven!

Active outdoor attractions in LIthuania with family and kids at villa "Dzukijos uoga"

So if you really feel like having  a big need for a stunning holiday with family and kids – hit to Lithuanian countryside! Your kids will  find the whole bunch of nature activities while you would enjoy sunbathing and birds singing by small forest lake at the backyard of stylish holiday house in Dzukija National park- Lithuania. Villa “DZUKIJOS UOGA”awaits for you!

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