Sauna and banya


Bathhouse of the villa.Sauna and Russian banya

The bathhouse building is surrounded by a pond, a stream and a mere with a little bridge.Here you will find:

  • A roof covered outer terrace
  • Guests room with table, chairs and fireplace
  • Dressing room
  • Shower and toilet
  • Wood-fired sauna and banya
  • Banya and sauna accessories
  • Cold water shower outside for  true banya lovers
  • Five single sleeping places on the second floor of the bathhouse
Sodyba su pirtimi-pirtininko paslaugos
pirties nuoma druskininkuose- sodyba su pirtimi ir pirtininko paslaugos

Banja. SPA treatment in  Russian banja

 We are happy to provide  SPA treatments and bath masters  program  with  aromatherapy, exfoliation and massage in our banja. Depending on the group size   two or three  SPA treatment professionals will be involved. SPA treatments includes:
  • A slight “warming-up” procedure in Russian banja
  • Salt inhalation and aromas of different Lithuanian plants from Dzukija National Park
  • Full body scrub with salt (peeling)
  • Body patting with different green leaf brooms in the steam filled room -it eliminates toxins form your body
  • Body wash with the extract of 37 herbs
  • Body smearing with honey – it recovers your skin and makes it look younger
  • Relaxation and drinking locally collected herbs tea
  • Japanese body  massage (on separate request)


Dzukijos uoga – a perfect banya with SPA treatment  by Druskininkai,Lithuania!