Visit to the black pottery master. We will go to a remote Lithuanian village where an old black pottery master lives. He still uses ancient  brick furnace and manufactures  ceramic art works  following old Lithuanian traditions. The master is an artist and quite interesting personality himself.  He makes unique works  out of clay turning them into black ceramic masterpieces. You will get to know the history of Lithuanian black pottery and discuss with the master.You will try to make your own  clay masterpieces. You will experience  what does it mean to be an artist.This leisure takes about 1-2 hours and is really impressive to all ages of visitors.

Foto: Juodoji keramika Merkinėje - edukacinėje
Foto: Juodoji keramika Merkinėje
Juodoji keramika Merkinėje

Dzukijos uoga – a tailor-made holiday  leisure  in Dzukijos National Park and Druskininkai!