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Culinary leisure in nature. Lithuanian cuisine

We strive  to make your Lithuanian stay best ever. That’s why we are ready to reveal the secrets of cooking on bonefire or in a genuine clay bricks oven and invite to join our cooking attractions.You will be the chefs, and we will try to teach you how to cook on bonefire or on the grill.

Food preparation on fire. Baking pizza in a clay oven.

We have a genuine  clay oven in the backyard of  villa Dzukijos Uoga. Here comes some tips and experiences

Foto: Sodyba su maitinimu - maistas pečiuje

Pizza party. Making pizzas with your family or friends. We will heat-up the clay oven up to 350 degrees C and provide all required equipment. Afterwards we will teach you how to bake different pizzas and desserts. Everybody will try to make his own pizza topping recipe and taste it with all the group. The whole attraction takes about 2 hours.

Foto: Sodyba su maitinimu - pica pečiuje

We will prepare all required equipment and make a pizza- baking lesson for your family or group of friends. This pizza baking experience will last around 2 hours. All participants are welcome- from the youngest up to the oldest ones!

Cooking on fire. Grilled meat and fish.Leisure.

Everything is simple: each guest is invited to our culinary leisure activities. Discover your cooking  skills!

Cooking Moroccan tagine. This culinary experience will take about 1,5-2 hours. Could be made in a clay oven or on firewood ember.

Grilled fish with freshly marinated vegetables baked on grill. It could be any kind or size of fish.Even just caught by our guests in the surrounding rivers or lakes. Fish steak will be accompanied by roasted zucchini and ciabatta or fire-fried potatoes

Freshly grilled shrimps with roasted ciabatta and vegetables. Easy and fast-made appetizer for your moonlight evening by fire.

Freshly roasted vegetables on alder wood ember: zucchini, red bell peppers, eggplant, garlic.

Foto: Sodyba su maitinimu -kepsnys ant griliaus

Steaks grilled on alder firewood. This firewood gives a special taste for the meat. It’s your choice what to grill: matured beef, veal,lamb, pork or chicken.

Shashlik out of pork tenderloin following special recipes of villa Dzukijos Uoga.

Foto: Sodyba su maitinimu -dzūkiška grybienė ant laužo

Freshly collected mushroom soup cooked on bonefire. During the mushroom season (late June to mid-October) we go hunting for mushrooms  together with our guests. You will find a plenty of different mushrooms just around our homestead.

All together we will cook a local Lithuanian mushroom soup from freshly collected ingredients. Mushroom soup will be cooked according to the ancient recipes of local grannyes. We will do it on the  bonefire in the backyard of our villa.This gourmand experience will take about 2-3 hours. Just a perfect evening attraction by fire, especially under the twinkling stars!

Sodyba su maitinimu-plovas

Uzbek pilaf cooked on fire.Together we will cook a whole pot of  Uzbek pilaf.And we will do it on the bonefire in the backyard of villa Dzukijos Uoga. Up to 15  gourmets of  Central Asia dishes can take place in this culinary attraction.The cooking will last  about 1.5-2 hours. Afterwords comes the most delicious part of this holiday leisure.

Local cheese degustation. A famous cheese makers lives and works in the nearby village.They make 10 kinds of cheese from cows and sheeps fresh milk. Their knowledge they get from French shepherds and cheese producers.This culinary leisure takes place in the backyard pergola of our homestead. The attraction lasts about 1-1,5 hours and is ment exclusively for grown-up gourmands.You will tase fresh and matured cheese and reveal the secrets of cheese making. You will ask questions and have amazing discussion with the professionals.

Foto: Sodyba su maitinimu - maistas ant laužo
Foto: Sodyba su maitinimu - uogavimas Dzūkijoje
Foto: Grybavimas Dzūkijoje

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