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Lithuania attractions-things to do in Druskininkai and  Dzukija National Park

We strive to create unforgettable holidays for each of our guests. We will suggest you the whole list of  Lithuania attractions in Dzukija National Park.We will show you things to do in Druskininkai. We will organize  your  tailor-made holiday outdoors and relaxing leisure in Lithuanian nature.No matter if you are a big family or a group of friends, we will share a true Lithuanian hospitality with you. You will feel a personal touch.Here comes just a few ideas on your Lithuania attractions in Dzukija land and things to do in Druskininkai:

Foto: Poilsis sodyboje - pramogos Druskininkuose -dviračiai

Bike tours  in Dzukija National Park.Bicycling on the countryside trails and in Druskininkai.Great outdoors.Riding a bike is a perfect way to reach the most remote villages, to talk to the locals, to see how they live, to learn the secrets of beekeeping, to visit continental dunes, swamps, to enjoy sandy cliffs of the rivers, to see small forest lakes, or even to meet a forest animal or a rare bird. There is a bike road that goes by our countryside villa. We will personally lead you through the forest trails and reveal you the secrets of nature.We will organize tours on Druskininkai resort asphalt bike routes. And not to mention, we will equip you with the bikes.

Poilsis sodyboje - pramogos Druskininkuose. Foto: Baidarių žygiai-baidarių nuoma - kaimo turizmas Dzūkijoje

Canoeing in Lithuanian rivers of Dzukija National Park.Some rivers are silent and shallow, others are rapid and curvy. We will find the right  canoe route for your company: either you are a family with  small children or a group of extreme lovers.We will supply you with canoes, transportation and organize the whole great outdoor  in the wildness of Lithuanian nature.We will instruct you and lead the group. Safety is first.This attraction could take from couple of hours up to a whole day or two.Let’s get wet!

Aktyvus poilsis gamtoje-pramogos sodyboje ir Druskininkuose -pirtis

SPA treatments and bath program: aromatherapy, exfoliation, massage. This great SPA procedure takes about 3-4 hours. Depending on the size of the group two or three SPA treatment professionals will be involved.The first step is a slight “warming-up” procedure in Russian banya. Here you will get a salt inhalation and enjoy aromas of different Lithuanian plants.After warming-up your body you will  get a full body scrub with salt (exfoliation).Afterwards banja will be filled  with a steam and your body will be patted with different green leaf brooms.This procedure eliminates toxins form you.Later you will be washed with the extract of 37 herbs and smeared with honey. This will make your skin look younger.After the SPA procedures you will relax drinking locally collected herbs tea. Japanese massage could be also performed at separate request.It’s A MUST atraction in Lithuania! You will surely be glad to experience SPA treatment in our Banya!

Aktyvus poilsis gamtoje-edukacinės pramogos sodyboje ir Druskininkuose

Local cheese degustation.A famous cheese makers lives and works in the nearby village.They make 10 kinds of cheese from milk of cows and sheeps.All the knowledge they get from  French shepherds and cheese producers.This culinary entertainment takes place in the nature surroundings of our villa.The attraction will last about 1-1,5 hours.You will taste fresh and matured cheese and reveal the secrets of cheese making. You will ask questions and get the answers.You will have an amazing discussion with the professionals and tasty ecological leisure with a glass of wine.This attraction is recommended exclusively  for grown-up gourmands.

Aktyvus poilsis gamtoje-pramogos sodyboje ir Druskininkuose vaikams

Cooking on bonefire. You will learn how to cook on fire or in a genuine clay oven!Together we will grill meet on alder wood, patatoes in a hot timber coal, Uzbek pilaf and Lithuanian cuisine dishes from ecological products.It’s a great evening leisure for family or a group of friends.Especially with a glass of wine, under a starlight Lithuanian sky…

Foto: Sodyba su maitinimu - pica pečiuje

Pizza party. Making pizzas with your family or friends. We will heat-up the clay oven up to 350 degrees C and provide all required equipment. Afterwards we will teach you how to bake different pizzas and desserts. Everybody will try to make his own pizza topping recipe and taste it with all the group. The whole attraction takes about 2 hours.

Foto: Juodoji keramika Merkinėje

Visit to the black pottery master. We will go to a remote Lithuanian village where an old black pottery master lives. He still uses ancient brick furnace and manufactures ceramic art works following old Lithuanian traditions. The master is an artist and quite interesting personality himself. He makes different works from clay turning them into black ceramic masterpieces. You will get to know the history of Lithuanian black pottery and discuss.You will try to make your own masterpiece from clay.This genuine Lithuanian attraction takes about 1-2 hours and is really impressive to all ages of our guests.

Poilsis sodyboje - pramogos Druskininkuose

Walk in a swamp.You will hear  thousands of birds singing and explore the wildlife of a remote marsh which surrounds a small lake with floating natural islands.You will have a possibility to bath in a crystal clear water and feel a moving ground under your feet. For the extreme lovers we can organise the walk in the night time under the light of moon.Explore the extreme of Dzukija National park nature!

Sightseeing tours in the nature of Dzukija National Park. You will discover Lithuanian natural monuments and vivid views, visit a  beekeeping museum, go on a beekeeping trail or sightseeing paths along remote rivers banks in the depth of Lithuanian forest. You will explore the wildness of Lithuanian nature and wonderful places of Dzukija National Park.

Foto: Grybavimas Dzūkijoje

Mushroom hunting with a specialist. Dzukija land is known as a kingdom of mushrooms and berries. The local kings hunts only those kinds of mushrooms that are popular among buyers for export. Let’s take a deeper look: there are hundreds of edible mushroom’s kinds around us, but  it’s not so easy to distinguish all of them.We will show you the right ones and lead you during the whole attraction. And when  our baskets are full we will go back  to cook a local mushroom soup on a bonefire.

Foto: Sodyba su maitinimu - uogavimas Dzūkijoje

Berry picking. Our countryside villa is surrounded by a pine forest full of different berries.You can find strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, red bilberries, blackberries, cranberries and even more kinds of berries growing here.It’s a great pleasure to relax picking and tasting ecological food direclty from  the forest.

Downhill skiing in Snow Arena Druskininkai. Open whole year round. Perfect place for the beginners. One of the biggest closed skiing resorts in Europe. Perfect Lithuanian winter attraction in summer time!

Druskininkai Aqua park. It’s a perfect whole-day leisure. You will find different water attractions for kids and grown-ups here.Its one of the most popular things to do in Druskininkai.But it also means a lot of people, especially on the weekends and  national holidays.

Soviet statues park (Grutas soviet sculptures park) It’s not just a park with soviet time sculptures. You will experience a real soviet atmosphere.You  will walk through the whole soviet epoch. Surrounded by forest and lake, it’s a nice several hours  family attraction.You will also find small zoo and playground for children.That’s  one of really interesting things to do in Druskininkai.

Aktyvus poilsis gamtoje - pramogos sodyboje ir Druskininkuose vaikams

Cruise by a steamer. Departure from Druskininkai. During the cruise  will enjoy the shores of the river Nemunas, you will visit the basements of Liškiava Holy Trinity church, where the mummified remains of monks are buried, the guide will tell you many interesting stories.This holiday outdoor leisure will last about 2 hours.

Rollerblading in Druskininkai. There are a lot of fine smooth rollerblading tracks in Druskininkai for your active holiday entertainment. It’s advisable to take your own rollerblades since there is no local rentals in Druskininkai.

Villa Dzukijos uoga – Lithuania attractions and a tailor-made holiday  leisure in Dzukijos National Park !